Taloka Valley Cultural Heritage Center is located in Eastern Oklahoma, an area with a colorful heritage which is derived from multiple cultures. Tens of thousands of years ago the first semi-nomadic people wandered into this land which had never felt the footstep of man. Only 300 years ago did major changes occur.

With the arrival of Europeans in the early 1700s the indigenous culture began a rapid and dramatic process of change as it adapted, good or bad, to the white man's ways.  

Our goal is to Educate & Entertain in a Family Friendly Environment. We bring "The Past to Light" beganning with the Paleolithic Cultures followed by stories of the lives of different tribes of American Indians, such as the Caddoan speakers who were followed by the Choctaws (one of "The Five Civilized Tribes"). The telling of all these stories is a work in progress.  

The American Civil War was a major turning point in this remote section of the Choctaw Nation of The Indian Territory. From that point forward the life of the Choctaw, the life of the White man (of many nationalities) as well as Black People blended into a homogeneous lifestyle. It is this rural lifestyle, that of the small scale farmer and cattleman, that is the larger focus of our efforts here at Taloka Valley Cultural Heritage Center.

We display many of the tools that were critical to turning the wilderness into a modern society. Oral interpretation of historical relics and their role in our culture are provided.
   Taloka Valley Cultural Heritage Center

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Our goal is to educate and entertain in a family friendly environment.