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On June 18, 2016

We will have open house from 9AM to 3PM. 

 Free walking or riding tours are available. 

 We are expecting Folk Singer Doug Russell to perform throughout the day. 

Depending on visitor's interest...

We will have participatory storytelling &/or poetry reciting

off & on as well, so come with a story or poem in mind! 

Music, Memories and More at the Mill
Is Unfortunately on Hold Indefinitely Due to Performer's Illness.     
  Held year-round, by arrangement
Time, by arrangement
                                                                   Admission $45.00
(Meal & walking/riding tour included.)

Music, Memories and More at the Mill is a three hour event which in cold or wet weather is presented inside our rustic sawmill building where we have a large vintage wood/coal burning stove.  When the Oklahoma weather permits we may move the event outside on the grass.  For those who chose to attend evening performances the flickering light of kerosene lanterns adds a highly unique element.

Folk singer Doug Russell's gentle ways and music will bring tears to your eyes and laughter to your heart.  Storyteller Shaun Perkins will entertain by taking you down quiet roads in your mind to evoke memories with each step.  She will then will encourage you to tell your own story.

While your heart and head are being filled your stomach will not be forgotten!  Fried chicken will arrive shortly after you do so come hungry.

These events are family friendly and smoke free.  Music, Memories and More at the Mill is designed for groups of 40 or more by appointment almost anytime the weather is cooperative

We will remain flexible to meet the needs of individual groups.  The itineraries described here are only meant as suggestions.

We suggest the following Itineraries for this entertainment:

Daylight:  10:30  Group arrives
Event10:45  Event begins
11:30  Food Arrives (Fried Chicken Meal Catered by Charlies Chicken)
  (Performance continues throughout the meal)
  1:45   Tour of "Rust Road" begins
  3:45   Group departs

Evening     Two hours before sunset (exact hour varies with season)
Event  Group arrives and Tour of "Rust Road" begins
  At end of tour the food arrives and performance is continued
  through out the meal.
  Three hours after start, the event ends and group departs.