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Group tours of the facility are either guided or self-guided and an antique tractor pulled wagon is available for the trip down “Rust Road.”

The tour begins inside the very rustic “board & batten” barn which houses a working sawmill as well as many small artifacts from this region’s history and prehistory.

“Rust Road” begins in the adjoining field.  This quarter mile long path carries you on a winding trip through the collection of pre-WWII farm related impliments and tools which helped our predecessors to be productive in their rural environment.

Don’t be surprised if a Border Collie asks to be petted when you get here.  Expect somewhere along the way to see Rusty, the buggy horse, and Bell, the jersey milk cow, (if you happen to have an apple with you to share you will be very popular.) You'll also experience guineas, ducks and goats. Somewhere near the barn will be a few range chickens (and sometimes a mommy with babies.)  Ask about feeding the catfish (they love dog food.)

Few of our guests take less than an hour to complete this trip and many take two hours or more.  The coffee pot is always on, cold drinks are at hand and in cool weather our large antique wood/coal burning stove is just begging you to set and share your memories of yesterday. Small groups may tour by horse drawn surrey for an additional fee if scheduled in advance.  Ask us about an evening tour and enjoy the sights by the light of a kerosene lantern which would present the opportunity for a weenie roast.

Wear walking shoes, dress warm in cool weather and do whatever you can to stay cool in the heat.  Sun screen and insect repellent may be needed.  In nice weather bring a picnic and enjoy it in the shade.
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